Why you need a land survey.

Q: Why does it benefit me to have my Franklin NC land surveyed?

Current property information: old maps and previous surveys do not indicate current changes, including encroachments and easements  

Title insurance: unless you have a current survey, title insurance does not cover your entire investment, only your mortgage

Prevention of boundary disputes: knowing the exact lines of your property can save you from disputes with neighbors and, potentially, the legal battles that come with them

Homeowner's insurance reductions: lenders rely on Map Determination Companies to depict flood risk and these assessments are often inaccurate. An updated survey shows the true picture and may change risk involvement, thus reducing insurance rates for the homeowner.


Q:What is a Franklin NC survey?

A technical process performed by a PLS that establishes:

  1. Property corners, set by stakes and flags along a property line

  • Accurate lot size

  • Graphic representation of the property, known as a "plat"

  • Encroachments—infringements outside of the legal building envelope of one's lot

  • Easements—the right of use to a portion of another's land, as in access to adjoining land

  •  Right-of-ways—the right to pass over another's land, such as with roadways and railroads


Q:Who does a surveyor work for?

Professional Land Surveyors (PLS) are your greatest asset and are required to safe-guard and protect the public welfare.

  •  A PLS does the research for you
  •  A PLS can help you settle a boundary dispute with your neighbor, sometimes even appearing in court as an expert witness on your behalf

 Q:When should I have my Franklin NC property surveyed?

  • TRANSFER OF TITLE: During due-diligence, prior to closing and as part of your regular inspections
  • PROPERTY IMPROVEMENTS: Before you construct a driveway, fence, wall or building
  • PROPERTY PARTITIONS: Division of property in the case of wills and inheritances
  • BOUNDARY DISPUTES: To settle any questions that arise between neighbors regarding boundary lines

Q: Where do I find a professional land surveyor in Franklin NC?

The NC Society of Surveyors offers an online search that allows you to view licensed surveyors who belong to the Society, having access to current information, education, and networking. www.ncsurveyors.com

A Professional Land Surveyor is...

  • Licensed by the NC Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (NCBEES)
  • Up-to-date on continuing education, maintaining certification and learning about the latest standards, technology, and equipment
  • Careful to abide by the "Standards of Practice for Land Surveying in North Carolina," issued by NCBEES